At SMI we are dedicated to solving our customer problems with quality parts that are delivered on time.

Our Capabilities

The services offered by SMI(Southern Metalcraft Inc) are provided by a wide range of state of the art software and equipment currently available in today’s marketplace. From quoting to delivery to invoicing, all job information is handled and tracked through JobBOSS – our production control software. Real time data collection allow us to offer up to the minute job status. Our engineering department has access to SolidWorks, SheetWorks & AutoCAD along with other modeling packages to better communicate and integrate with our customers. Dr. Abe Blank provides nesting capabilities that maximize both sheet utilization and efficient laser processing.
In House Engineering Services

In House Engineering Services

Having our own engineers and the latest industry technologies we can handle your engineering needs.

MIG Welding and TIG welding

MIG and TIG Welding

We don’t stop at cutting and bending the metal, we in-house our MIG and TIG welding.

Precision Laser Cutting

Precision Cutting Fiber Lasers & CO2

Having the latest technology mixed with tried and true we are capable of bringing you exacting results.

Quality Service

Our customer service representatives handle individual daily account management which includes quoting, scheduling & communication. It is the goal of our sales staff to return quote requests within 2 days if possible, current loads sometimes dictate a longer turnaround. Our niche in the custom fabrication arena has been service, delivering acceptable parts to our customers when they need them has long been our end goal at SMI. In order to achieve this result, we do our best to stay current with all aspects of our company’s processing capabilities.

At SMI we pride ourselves on delivering quality parts when we say that we will. To achieve this it all begins with timely communications with our customers.  Our sales representatives strive to turn around all quotes promptly with acknowledgments given after an order has been placed.  Once an order is being processed all staff has the ability to see real-time updates to a job status through our ERP software.

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