Press Brake Services


Amada HG1303 110-ton press brake with 10’ bed, CNC back gauge & automated tool changer (ATC)

Amada HDS1303 143-ton press brake with 10’ bed & CNC back gauge

Amada HG2204 240-ton press brake with 12’ bed & CNC back gauge

Cincinnati 230-ton press brake with 12’ bed & CNC back gauge

Lemas ¼” x 5’ hydraulic roll

Your Press Brake Solution

With four press brakes on our shop floor SMI has the technology, capacity, and expertise to form the complex light gauge details as well as the capability to bend thicker plate parts. All 3 of our Amada press brakes are programmed offline to allow our press brake operators the ability to run at peak efficiency.  Whether your part requires multiple bends, bump forming or rolling, we have the technology and operators to meet your needs.

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