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If you are not investing in the latest technology then you are falling behind. At SMI we take this truth to heart, whether it is our ERP system, modeling software or machine technology we are investing in the best new technology.

Metal Laser Cutting

With fiber laser technology and an automated material loading and unloading system, we have the capacity and technology to meet your needs.

Precision Bending and Rolling

We focus on quality and efficiency by having the right machine to make your parts. Whether it is our 240-ton, 12′ press brake or our 10′ press brake with automatic tool changer.

Precision Bending and Rolling

Welding Services

Our team of welders or as we prefer to call them, “craftsman”, have the knowledge gained through experience to provide you with the TIG or MIG welds that you require.

Quality Control

All members of our team participate in our quality process. From the time an order is placed till when it is delivered to your door; quality is a continuous process at SMI.

Miscellaneous Services

Outside of these main services we have even more value added processes: from tapping & countersinking to pemming and wet-paint. Our team strives to make sure we are your one stop for all of your fabrication needs.

Prototyping Services

The prototyping process is essential for ensuring that your product is going to meet all of your expectations. Our team will ensure that your prototype products are high quality and delivered swiftly

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

By coupling our investment in fabrication technology and precision equipment with our material purchasing power, we are able to streamline throughout and reduce part costs, allowing you to better utilize your resources to capture a larger portion of market demand.

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Quality. On-Time. At a fair price.

Companies are struggling to find metal fabricators with the capacity, acumen, and ability to deliver quality parts.

Over the past 47 years, Southern Metalcraft has been providing quality parts for some of the most demanding industries in the region. Our customers are able to plan with confidence, knowing they will receive a quality part, on time, and at a fair price.