Metal Laser Cutting

We offer the cutting edge CO² and Fiber metal cutting laser solutions

6kw Amada LCG3015AJ Fiber Laser (1)

4kW Amada LC3015F1 CO2 Lasers (2)

Installed inside Amada AMS3015 automation system with 10 shelf material tower and two unload carts.

We utilize nesting software to maximize sheet utilization and ensure your parts are being cut with the most efficient process available. This, along with three rapid traverse lasers (two of which are located within our automated material storage and unload system), means we have the technology and capacity to meet your needs. Let our investments be your advantage.

4kW Amada LC3015F1 CO2 Laser (1)

Stand-alone with overhead crane loading All machines are dual pallet shuttle machines with 5’ x 10’ sheet capacity.



3/4″ Steel 1/2″ Stainless 3/8″ aluminum & non-metals

A proper finish

At SMI we know that the finish of a part is always a critical step in the fabrication process. If edge quality is vital for your stainless steel or aluminum parts we can utilize our Lissmac SBM-L 1500, 2-sided deburring and edge rounding machine (4” x 6” minimum size) which will remove all burr and sharpness from your part edges.

Our goal is your satisfaction

Another value-added capability is our in-house wet-paint system; if your parts require powder coating we can outsource to one of our trusted local partners to provide you with a quality finish to meet your needs.

Need metal working?


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